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About Latta's

Our mission is to provide innovative products to teachers, parents, students, and children. We assist in the educational process by offering ideas and creative solutions to the learners of today and tomorrow. We accomplish this by providing more choices in our store, catalog and online.

Our History

Latta's originated in Cedar Falls, Iowa and was founded by John Stewart Latta in 1898. The Huntington branch was opened in 1931 by Hugh Mullarky and was later succeeded by his son, Bill Mullarky. The 3rd generation ownership was transferred in 1997 to Mike Mullarky. Latta's was operating across the street from MarshallUniversity during the 1937 flood. The flood caused monumental damage which forced the company to re-start with a new location. It was then moved to 4th avenue and 15th street where it operated for several years until the present building was completed in 1955. Several additions were completed in the 1960's and 70's. During this time, the second floor was used to fill orders with a shipping department located on the first floor. For 81 years, Latta's continues to support and serve the Huntington community. Every week, customers come through our doors, reminiscing about the days where they first came to Latta's as a child. Now, with their children and grandchildren in tow, our customers allow us to provide for the next generation.

Mike Mullark - President / Owner

Latta's is a third generation family business, which has been serving students, teachers, educators, parents and early childhood providers for eight decades. Our vision is educate, motivate, create and play; It's the Latta's way!